• New record Steve Moore "Beloved Exile"

    New record Steve Moore "Beloved Exile"

    Excited to announce I am appearing on old friend/bandmate Steve Moore's new album "Beloved Exile" which will be out on May 10th on Temporary Residence Ltd. Pre-orders are up now at Temporary Residence Ltd's site.

    Also on the album are Tunisian singer-songwriter Emel Mathlouthi, harpist Mary Lattimore, and all songs are named by John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats.

  • Abmoniable Electronics Demo Videos

    A few months ago I had the pleasure to help out (by recording the audio) for a batch of demo videos for Abominable Electronics. All the video was done by Drew Kaufman and Rob Menzer from the Two Minutes To Late Night show and the playing was handled by Steve Brodsky (Cave In/Mutoid Man) there are a bunch of them, each more ridiculous than the last. This is the demo video for the single knob cave reverb pedal that Zao designed with them called the Haunting Pools. 

  • Digital version of new ZAO out today

    Digital version of new ZAO out today

    Today is the official "release" of the new Zao record (which is essentially sold out on vinyl already). Quick little 2 song single, you can still enjoy it in the digital realm (note, Bandcamp benefits the band the most AND you can download super hi-quality versions if you are into that thing, FLAC etc)






  • New Zao 7 inch out today

    New Zao 7 inch out today

    2 New Zao songs are out today on a limited edition 7 inch. Two versions. One is transparent "Peacock Ore" in an edition of 450. The other is a "Grape Soda" variant that reveals some pretty great blue/red/pink aspects when held up to the light. No two are the same. These are printed on Silver Foil Board so they are essentially a mirror. I assembled these things, I had to wear rubber gloves because they are essentially like glass and are finger print magnets. 

    Our friend Johnny Arlett from Microwaves did an amazing video for one of the songs

     Also special thanks to Kerrang for the kind words and premiering it the other day

  • Leverage Models Returns to the stage!!!

    Leverage Models Returns to the stage!!!

    Excited to get the Leverage Models percussion rig back in action for tomorrow's show. All proceeds (like the most revent Leverage Models album) go to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

  • Emanuel And The Fear - Lonely Christmas

    Emanuel And The Fear  - Lonely Christmas

    New Emanuel and the Fear single out today. Our contribution to the genre of bummer Christmas music.

     also available on your favorite digital music service provider. Full list of stores at

  • Orissa - Blue Communion Video

    While I am not IN this video (filmed before my involvement in the band) I did "re-record" the drums for the version of the song contained IN the video. So that is me playing, but you can't SEE me playing. 

  • Leverage Models - WHITES out today

    Leverage Models - WHITES out today

    The new Leverage Models album "Whites" is out today. Proud of this one finally seeing the light of day as most of my parts were recorded about 4 years ago. It is available digitally in all of the usual places. But more importantly 50% of the profits from the album are going to the Southern Poverty Law Center. So we STRONGLY encourage picking it up at the bandcamp site. Also a limited run of Cassettes are available (currently the only physical version of the album).


  • Leverage Models - Senators Video

    This was given a "sort-of" premiere by the Village Voice a few years ago. But with the album coming out in a week or so we are bringing attention to it again. Butoh dancers and roto toms, how can you go wrong.

  • Orissa - Verse V video

    Been playing with Orissa for almost a year now. The whole thing started with me going into the studio with mastermind Dave Dodini to retrack drums for two songs from the band's album Resurrection. He wanted slightly different performances for the two songs he was making videos for. This is the first one. 

  • New Release alert - Zao/Yashira split 7 inch

    New Release alert - Zao/Yashira split 7 inch

    New Zao track Hide From The Light will be out this Friday on all digital services as part of a split 7 inch with the band Yashira on Mind Over Matter Records. In the meantime, there are pre-orders up on the Mind Over Matter site for limited edition vinyl. 5 different colors each with a matching "cover" that mirrors the vinyl color. These will go fast so don't wait.


    Wanted to add the photo of all the vinyl colors since they turned out great.

  • ZAO Fall tour

    ZAO Fall tour

    What we like to call the "Closest We Will Get To A Tour" Tour. Excited to hang with our buddies in Atlas Moth and Yashira. Let's do this!

  • Two Zao mini-tours coming up

    Two Zao mini-tours coming up

    3 dates next month in Florida with WVRM followed but 3 dates in June with Holy Gold and Revenge Season (Atlanta, Nashville and Greenville). Tickets on sale now!

  • New EP out next week

    Out next week 2/16/18 but available now on Bandcamp is an ep of 60's-era influenced French Pop by Mr. Bijou that I had the pleasure of playing drums on a couple of tracks.  Check it.