Another great example of not only the size and variety of the Pittsburgh music scene at the time but also of the forward thinking of the station to have the bands play and not only broadcast it in prime time listening hours, but also to do a damn good job recording it. Conelrad did probably 2 or 3 of these broadcasts and always had a good time.

Released: 2004
Format - 2 CD set
Record Label - These Bricks Are Mine

Appearing on a track, Life Is A Hoax, with Conelrad

Also on the compilation:
Blunderbuss, Creta Bourzia, Arrivals and Departures, Mihaly, Cattletrap, Thee Speaking Canaries, Pay Toilets, Teddy Duchamp's Army, McCarthy Commission, The Code, SF Firehydrant, Viragos, The New Alcindors, Weird Paul, Young Steele Matula Trio, Zombi, Lorelei, Life In Bed, (The) Alpha Control Group (C), Io, Microwaves, Modey Lemon, Whatever it Takes, Human Brains, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Strict Flow, Beam