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    The Omega Male

    Conelrad - A Final Dissolution

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    Piano Wire

    Conelrad - A Final Dissolution

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    Gin and Saltpeter

    Conelrad - A Final Dissolution


Never have I been involved in a recording process that was so damaged. We did the basic tracks fairly quickly (in about 2 days). Then our engineer Jason Jouver asked me to fill in with his band (Creta Bourzia) on a two and a half week southeastern US tour. When we got back we had issues getting back into the studio to do vocals. Once that was finally done, the studio shut down. It took a while and some sly moves but we eventually got the tracks back off of the harddrive and mixed them in Jason's bedroom. After all of that, it finally came out (one year to the day of when we started recording it). Regardless, it's the perfect example of what we were doing at the time. After this we tended to go a little bit more raw with stuff... which I prefer for the band. But, this is us finding our feet as a two piece.

Released: September 17, 2004 
Format: CD 
Label: New Addition Media 

Jeff Gretz - Drums/Vocals
Adam MacGregor - Guitar/Vocals

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