Against The Stream Collective - ATS. Vol 1: Halloween

Against The Stream Collective - ATS. Vol 1: Halloween

A compilation of 15 "Halloween" or "Spooky" themed songs by 13 artists for this DIY label out of Chicago. I didn't know what to title mine (going along with my runnng theme of having a really hard time coming up with titles for things I write). I asked my wife what the most terrifying thing was she could think of. Her answer was "eye violence". So there you go. As you're listening to this imagine the scene in Omen II when Joan Hart is having her eyes eaten out of her head by crows and then proceeds to get hit by an 18-wheeler while stumbling around blindly.

Released October 30, 2008 
Format: CD 
Label: Against The Stream 

Appearing on one track, Eye Violence, as solo artist.

Also on the compilation:
Father, Son and Holy Smokes!!!, Boar, Aloysius Rexford, Nauscopy, Helen Money, Against The Stream, Elezz, Sinjo Thraw Mash, Aural Resuscitation Unit, Idpyramid, Ghost & Flower, Kel's Backyard, Nubbin