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    What We Do Is Worthless

    Conelrad - Bezoar


The first official Conelrad release but actually recorded AFTER the "A Final Dissolution" sessions. We wanted something to come out in the interim of waiting for the full length to be done so we did two "simple" songs, an instrumental and Paranoid Chant (which is a Minutemen cover) in about 3 days and had our friends Joey and Q at Hope and Hardtravelin' press up some copies and get them out there. This ended up being my favorite stuff that we did and the three originals usually got played at every show we did from that point on. The title is a term used for a congeled mass of hair and food that forms in the stomachs of cattle. Some cultures believe it has medicinal purposes. You could ask me until the cows come home what that has to do with the record or the cover art, and I wouldn't be able to tell you.

Released: April 2, 2004
Format - 7 inch vinyl
Record Label - Hope/Hardtravelin'

Adam MacGregor - Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Gretz - Drums, Vocals

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