Various Artists - Black on Black Flag (A Tribute to Black Flag)

Various Artists - Black on Black Flag (A Tribute to Black Flag)

This was like pulling teeth. We got asked to contribute a track to the re-release of this long out of print Black Flag tribute. The only problem was, I was the only real Black Flag fan in the band. So, I chose Black Coffee because 1. It is from the largely (and unfairly) overlooked later period and 2. because I drink a LOT of damn coffee. We basically went in and tracked and mixed it in one day and shipped it off to the label. Later down the road the Japanese label that released The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here threw it on the end of that album as a bonus track for the Japanese fans. Good ol' international relations!  I later found out in talking with Greg Puciato of Dillinger Escape Plan that this compilation is not only MY recording debut with Zao, but also the first track HE ever did with Dillinger. 

Released March 14, 2006
Format: CD 
Label: ReIgnition Records

Appearing on one track, Black Coffee, with Zao

Also on the compilation:
Most Precious Blood, Bleeding Through, Black Dahlia Murder, Remembering Never, Drowningman, Give Up The Ghost, Anodyne, Burnt By The Sun, Coalesce, Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Hope Conspiracy, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Playing Enemy

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