Nov 3, 2015

Amateur Blonde cover Boris The Spider

Recorded a cover of Boris The Spider by The Who with Ryan O'Toole's Amateur Blonde project. Above is a nifty little video he did of the recording session. The song is part of the Goon Gang And Friends Halloween compilation which is available HERE

Feb 9, 2015

Me drumming in a Nintendo Commercial?? sure why not!

Who is the wonderful drummer on that track?? I guess that would be me. 

May 19, 2014

New Video. Leverage Models - Night Falls on the General Assembly

Always a pleasure to work with this band. 

Apr 7, 2014

BLACK EYES from Erin Sullivan on Vimeo.

New Emanuel and the Fear video

This is a video for the song Black Eyes off of our 2012 record The Janus Mirror. It is an experiment in live performance, film, projection and choreography featuring the band with an expanded line up. 

Mar 20, 2014

Short video/Review of Pooquette performance in Brooklyn

Some kind wordes from Doobeedoobdeedo on the first show of this particular trio including myself, bassist Ari Folman-Cohen and Pooquette.   You can read the review Here.

Feb 19, 2014

New IKILLYA song/video

I am not in this video as I am not in the band, however those are my drummings in the song. The good news is Ikillya looks like they finally found a permanent drummer. I had been helping them out for a bit on some shows and did the drums on most of their first record "Recon". Last summer I got a call in the 11th hour that they needed me to do their new album also. So it was off to Staten Island to do 2 days of drum tracking. I believe the record "Vae Victus" is out in April on Megaforce Records. 

Feb 16, 2014

Leverage Models (featuring Sharon Van Etten)/Some general updates

I have been lazy with updating the site. Things like life getting in the way. That being said, there are a lot of updates coming this year. New releases from Zao, Emanuel and the Fear, Leverage Models, Amateur Blonde, Ikillya to name a few. In addition, some new projects and collaborators on the horizon. As part of my late 2013 early 2014 catch up. Here is a video from last fall's Leverage Models album featuring the wonderful Sharon Van Etten. Enjoy

Oct 26, 2012

New Emanuel and the Fear video

The 2nd video from our album The Janus Mirror. Filmed on a random off-day in Berlin on our August tour by our good friend (and one time van driver) Maik.  Enjoy

Oct 1, 2012

New Emanuel and the Fear video/album/tour

New video from Emanuel and the Fear. I gotta say, I had nothing to do with this aside from picking the director based on his work on the Normal Love video "Lend Some Treats". Man is a mad scientest. Love it.

Also, you can order the new album directly from us. (I will personally address, pack and stamp it with love)

AND... I am in the process of packing for our third European tour this year. Come say hi if we're coming into your area.

10/2/12 - Manchester @ Dulcimer (UK)
10/3/12- Hull @ The New Adelphi (UK)
10/4/12 - Antwerpen @ Arenbergschouwburg (BE)
10/5/12- Utrecht @ Ekko (NL)
10/6/12 - Luxembourg @ d:qliq (LUX)
10/7/12 - Freiburg @ Waldsee (DE)
10/8/12 - Stuttgart @ Schocken (DE)
10/9/12 - Zürich @ Rote Fabrik (CH)
10/11/12 - Bern @ ISC (CH)
10/12/12 - Ebensee @ Kino Ebensee (AT)
10/13/12 - Berlin @ Roter Salon (DE)
10/14/12 - Poznan @ Meskalina (PL)
10/15/12 - Dresden @ Jazzclub Tonne (DE)
10/16/12- Hamburg @ Übel & Gefährlich (DE)
10/17/12 - Bochum @ Bahnhof Langendreer (DE)
10/18/12- Weinheim @ Café Central(DE)
10/19/12 - Köln @ Gebäude 9 (DE)
10/21/12 - Frankfurt am Main @ Brotfabrik (DE)
10/22/12- London @ The Wilmington Arms (UK)
10/23/12 - Sheffield @ The Riverside (UK)