• New ZAO EP "Pyrrhic Victory" out today

    The new Zao EP is out today. Available as download, CD, and 3 variants of vinyl. 400 Clear w/ Black Smoke, 600 Transparent Red and 1000 pressed on 150-Gram Virgin Black Vinyl. Once again, artwork by the untouchable Matt Kerley


  • New Knells Video

    The new Knells video for Poltergeist is out today. Bandleader and composer Andrew McKenna Lee actually animated and filmed this whole thing. My debut as a LEGO!!!

  • Everything Dies (Type O Negative Cover)

    Recently tracked this with Rob and Jason from Ikillya to help them shop for a drummer/guitarist for a new project they are trying to start after the dissolution of Ikillya. This was a fun one. Type O Negative rules!

  • My Podcast with As The Story Grows (pt 1 of 2)

    My Podcast with As The Story Grows (pt 1 of 2)

    I recently sat down with good friend (and occasional Zao merch guy) Travis Turner for his As The Story Grows podcast. This is the first of a 2 part podcast. In this episode I talk a bit about my upbringing with drumming, being a freelance musician in NY and managing Zao and running our label Observed/Observer Recordings. Part 2 will be up next week.  Enjoy

  • Recording at the Church

    Recording at the Church

    Travelled back to Pittsburgh for the weekend. Doing some tracking at The Church Studios with Dave Hidek. What on earth could this be for?

  • Recording a film soundtrack

    Recording a film soundtrack

    Today I am at Resevoir Studios in Midtown Mahattan. Reunited with Little Sister composer Fritz Myers. Doing a few tunes with him for an upcoming film titled DISH! and also a couple songs with Greg Saunier from Deerhoof on Guitar and Arone Dyer from Buke and Gase.  Tomorrow heading to a film shoot for some live performances. My feature film debut. 

  • Emanuel And The Fear album Pre-Order

    New Emanuel and the Fear album "Primitive Smile" is coming out on September 23rd. We just launched pre-orders for Vinyl, CD and Digital Download.   


  • Recording new Ikillya album

    I have been helping Ikillya between drummers both in live shows and in recording their new album (I have previously played on their prior 2 albums as well). Here is some video of the tracking sessions.


  • 100 Disciplines Available for Pre-Order now

    In the summer of 2015 I participated (along with about 20 other musicians) in a performance at the Brooklyn Museum as part of the Red Bull Music Academy's summer program. John Colpitts (aka Kid Millions) put together a piece utilizing drums, gongs, tympani, organ, vocals etc called 100 Disciplines. The recording of the performance (including myself on Tympani) as well as members of Yo La Tengo, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Tigue, etc is available in a limited run of 100 Cassettes through Thrill Jockey records.

  • Emanuel and the Fear - BTR Session

    Did a BreakThru Radio session with Emanuel and the Fear this year. Here are two videos from the performance. Both songs on our upcoming album Primitive Smile



  • Knells concert footage

    I have recently been performing with and recording with The Knells. Below is some footage of our performance earlier this year at the beautiful National Sawdust in Brooklyn. 



  • Emanuel and the Fear - Meredith

    First song released from the new Emanuel and the Fear album "Primitive Smile" coming out on September 23rd.  


  • Recent Samsung Ad

    Recently drummed on this video for the Samsung influencer series with the fine folks over at Envelope Music and Sound.

  • Little Sister

     Back in February, I got a text message that I was needed in the studio in 3 hours, and to bring my double kick pedal for tracking for a movie soundtrack. I assumed I would be playing to a "song".  To my surprise it turns out, no, it was just solos that serve as a major theme/storyline in the movie Little Sister by director Zach Clark (who I also will recommend his movie White Reindeer).  The film premiered several weeks later at SXSW and has been making the rounds since in the festival circuit. I finally got a chance to see the film here in NY at the BAM film fest, and was shocked to not only see how much the drumming really WAS prominent. But also really excited because I really really enjoyed the film. The closest I will probably ever get to working with Ally Sheedy.  (!!!)   

    Keep up to date with the film's progress here

  • Amateur Blonde cover Boris The Spider

    Recorded a cover of Boris The Spider by The Who with Ryan O'Toole's Amateur Blonde project. Above is a nifty little video he did of the recording session. The song is part of the Goon Gang And Friends Halloween compilation which is available HERE