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    Year 23

    Brooksfoundjake - Waiting For San Diego


After I got out of college I was so burnt out on music that I went through a bit of a dry spell. Thanks to these guys for giving me the call to play on a couple gigs with them and on this session. The sessions were kind of funny since they were recording stealth mode at a studio after hours (I remember leaving an orchestral gig in Johnstown, PA and driving to Indiana, PA at 2 in the morning and doing the drums for one of the songs as the sun came up). The glockenspiel parts were recorded in a rehersal room in the basement of the music building at Indiana University of PA. None of us were students at the time, so it was a guerrilla mission to take over the room, get the glockenspiel out of the percussion room, get all of the recording gear in a 8 x 8 room, and lay it down before someone kicked us out.

Released: 2001
Format: CD
Label: Self Released