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    Small Lives

    Carly Howard - Overgrown

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    All Of Those Nights

    Carly Howard - Overgrown


Who says a singer/songwriter with an acoustic guitar and a ukele has to be upbeat?  This stuff gets dark. And I like it. Carly doesn't like cymbals. Carly also likes lots of tom toms... usually with mallets. I can back this. 

Release Date: August 2013
Format: Cd
Label : Self-released

Carly Howard - guitar, ukelele, glockenspiel, vocals
Tyler Phillips -  guitar, piano, banjo, bass, clarinet, bass, glockenspiel,  vocals, add'l orchestrations
Matt Dallow - accordian
Kim Vogels - cello
Gillian Rivers - violin
Wayne Tucker - trumpet
Jeff Gretz  - drums
Matthew Baranello - drums
Kevy Bergman - vocals
Garrison York - vocals
Trevor McGinnis - vocals