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    Catchpenny - Dajom

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    Wishing She

    Catchpenny - Dajom


Catchpenny used to play with Crank Radio all the time. I always liked the fact that they played really dark weird kind of stuff in the vein of early Shudder To Think. When their drummer was kicked out and they had a bunch of gigs coming up they asked me to step in. History has now proven this is the ongoing trend in my career: Crash course in the bands material with a gig a week off and end up staying in the band. I like the 2nd half of the cd where things are a little weirder and darker. A review in Heartattack I think at the time said that the first half of the record sounded like the Friends theme. I can't argue with that. This record is also important because it hooked me back up with childhood friend Rick McNerny who later went on to record almost all of the Conelrad material in addition to some OPD stuff and Zao material. I still have a few of these lying around if anyone wants them.

Released 1999
Format: CD 
Label: Next Records 

Jeff Gretz- Drums, Percussion, Synth
Michael Henry - Bass
Brian Ferrell - Guitar
Michael Seven - Vocals