This CD was a 2 disc compilation of various Pittsburgh electronic artists. As far as I know, Adam (Conelrad) MacGregor took some drum audio of me playing in the Conelrad rehersal space and used it as the source material for this piece. I had no idea until about a year later. But yeah, technically, I'm the basis for this piece.

Release Date: 2002
Format: CD
Label: SSS Records

Appearing one one track as "source material" on a track by Torus

Also on the compilation:
Automatic Matty P, Jeremy Boyle, Climax Street, Clockworm, Colongib, /Dev/Null, 8 Cylinder, Geobot, Girl Talk, Grand Buffet, Holocaust, Impercept, Michael Johnson, Luxe Robotica, Manherringbone, Jason Moyer, My Boyfriend The Pilot, Operation Re-Information, Pixelstalin, Powder French, Requiem, Shawu Computronix, Stoic Sex Pro, Syne Lapse Variate, Telesys, Tentatively, A Convencience, Vampire Nation, Xanopticon, Zombi