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    Cooperative Extensions

    Leverage Models - Cooperative Extensions

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    Leverage Models - Cooperative Extensions


It seems like every February, like clockwork, Mr. Shannon Fields lures me up to a gorgeous studio in Woodstock (The Isokon) with promises of Bourbon, Venison and exotic fruits. Every time I have a blast. This Leverage Models release has more percussion and drums than you can shake a stick at (no pun intended). Shannon always has a pretty solid drum programming foundation down, the music sort of calls for those sounds. I usually do 3 passes. On the first pass, I pretty much mimic the kick and snare, either for him to reinforce the sounds that are there, or to replace the electronics later if need be. I then do another pass of fills, usually incorporating the roto-toms and drum set toms. The idea is that the beat (which is what makes your booty move) is never interrupted by the embellishments. THEN, I do numerous percussion: congas, guiro, bongos, cowbells, whatever is lying around basically. It's fun, it's play time and experimenting. This session was upped in the insanity department by not only all of THAT but by the wonderful Anthony LaMarca (St. VIncent, The Building) and his vintage Simmons drum kit. 

Released June 22 2012
Format: Digital/Limited edition CD Single
Label: Hometapes/Something In Construction

Jeff Gretz - Drums/Percussion
Anthony LaMarca - Simmons Drums/Percussion
Christian Fields - Bass
Jesse Blum - Piano
Jim Altieri - Violins
D. James Goodwin - Additional Percussion
Shannon Fields - Everything else

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