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    Creation - Hymns to Haunt the Gates of Heaven

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    Led To Die

    Creation - Hymns to Haunt the Gates of Heaven


Some friends of mine from CT had some studio time booked, and no drummer, so I stepped in and recorded these songs in a small New Jersey studio (Biohazard's studio to be exact).  There's one thing I tend to say I "cant do" and that's more straight ahead, death metal drumming, straight 16ths on the kicks for longer than about 8 bars and I'm usually out of commission. While not totally true, I like to avoid it when possible. It didn't hurt that they brought a 6 pack of this (banned in most states now) energy drink called Cocaine. One can is equal to 2 and a half red bulls, I drank 3. I seriously thought I was going to have a heartattack, but it got the job done. The very next day I left for a 10 week tour.

Released August 2008 
Format: Download
Label: Self-Released

Justin "Big Chief" - Shredding Demon
Peachkis - Flamethrower
Scott A. - Deathripper
Frank - Lyrical Dictator
Jeff Gretz - Drums