Emanuel And The Fear - Primitive Smile

Emanuel And The Fear - Primitive Smile

Release Date: September 26, 2016

Labels: Listen (Europe), Paper Garden Records (US), Moorworks (Japan)

Formats: CD, Vinyl, MP3

After getting a little darker/proggy on our last record The Janus Mirror  we decided to strip things back a bit and brighten it up. On the European tours that we did in 2012 in support of The Janus Mirror we had been listening to a LOT of stuff like Fleetwood Mac, Harry Nillson, Paul McCartney's RAM album and wanted to use that as a template.

Unlike the last couple of EATF records, we hadn't road tested the material and decided to piece it together as we went from an arrangement and production side of things. I would say it ended up working overall. But being left to our own devices led to things like the drums and bass being done in 2013 and other overdubs not happening until well into 2014. Then we scrapped a finished record because we realized we didn't like the production style we had previously thought we wanted 2 years ago. Then vocals were re-recorded, songs re-edited, then mixed AGAIN. Then it waited a year to come out after that because the European label wanted to coincide the album release to a potential tour.

I think I like the record. But I have never lived with a batch of songs that long before playing them out in my life. By the time the record came out, we had all moved on from the material. Oh well, there is always next time. 

Line up:

Emanuel Ayvas - Guitar, Piano, Synths, Vocals 
Nic Cowles - Synths, Rhodes 
Gil Goldin - Bass 
Jeff Gretz - Drums, Percussion, Rhodes, Space Echo 
Sarah Haines - Violin, Viola, Vocals 
Liz Hanley - Violin, Vocals 
with Mark Humburg - Cello