Emanuel And The Fear

Emanuel And The Fear

11 piece mini-orchestra - 12 people if you count producer Jamin who helped make this the weird/wonderful release that it is. I initially had jumped on board to help them out with a one-off show, then I got asked to play more. Next thing I know I'm retracking drums on a bunch of songs that already had the orchestration recorded. This stuff is great, I've ALWAYS wanted to be a part of something like this.

We had planned on doing a full length album but as you can imagine, the mixing for a project like this is a little ridiculous. So in the meantime here is a 5 song EP that has intelligent string/horn arranging, harmonies, electronics, slide guitar, and some general weirdness (while still being catchy as hell).

Released January 9, 2009
Format: CD 
Label: Paper Garden Records 

Emanuel Ayvas - Synth, Guitar, Piano, Vocals 
Tom Swafford - Violin
Brian Sanders - Cello
Jeff Gretz - Drums
Dallin Applebaum - Vocals, Organ, Synth
Liz Hanley - Vocals
Colin Dean - Bass
Nic Cowles - Flute
Chris Colletti - Trumpet
David Nelson - Trombone
Dan Tirer - Guitar
Deantoni Parks - Drums
Jamin Gilbert - Turntables, Programming

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