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    Idiot Grace

    Leverage Models - Forensic Accounting

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    Leverage Models - Forensic Accounting


I've long been a fan of Shannon's work with Silent League, Family Dynamics and especially Stars Like Fleas. After doing several improv based performances both with Shannon on his own and with Stars Like Fleas. Shannon and I got to talking about things like Roxy Music and ELO. I made an off-handed comment about how if he ever needed double-tracked roto-toms on something I was his man. Next thing I knew I was sitting in a cabin in Woodstock doing just that. Sitting across from me in the session was Trevor Dunn popping and slapping. (I used to listen to the self-titled Mr. Bungle album every day in high school). Surreal indeed.

Released October 11, 2011
Format - Cassette/Download
Label - Hometapes/Something In Construction

Trevor Dunn - Bass
Jon Natchez - Sax
Kelly Pratt - Trumpet
Jeff Gretz - Drums/Percussion
Shannon Fields - Everything Else

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