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    Jet Fuel Genetic

    Ikillya - Recon

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    Ikillya - Recon

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    Ikillya - Recon


I had been filling in on occasion with these guys for a year or two while they were searching for a permanent drummer and ended up tracking most of this record (minus 2 songs). The tracking happened at some beach compound in Staten Island that was apparently once resided in by Steven Segal or someone of that ilk. It was pretty amazing tracking drums in front of a giant fireplace looking out over the ocean with award statues looking over my shoulder. The downside is a bunch of dogs that resided on the property (who also have their own house, and like to lick small boulders) ate my shirt. Win some, lose some.

Released April 2011 
Format - CD
Label - Self-Released

Jason Lekberg - Vocals 
Dave Kerr - Guitar
Mansa Gory - Bass, Trumpet
Jeff Gretz - Drums
Seven - Drums

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