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    Ikillya - Vae Victis

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    Mission To Mars

    Ikillya - Vae Victis

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    Ikillya - Vae Victis


I had been filling in with Ikillya for a few years off and on as they were in drummer transition and at the 11th hour they called me to head back down to Staten Island to record their new record. So this marks the 2nd Ikillya CD I am drumming on. I like this stuff much better than the first record there are a lot more weird rhythmn shifts and it was a challenge figuring out exactly what they were doing, phrasing-wise, in a short amount of time. Once again this was produced/mixed by  Josh Wilbur (Lamb of God/Gojira). My megaforce records debut. 

Release Date: 2014 
Format: CD
Label: Megaforce Records

Line up:  

Jason Lekberg - Vocals
Dave Kerr- Guitars
Mansa Gory - Bass/Horns
Jeff Gretz - Drums
Otto Hoering, Matt Rosenberg, Stephanie Miller, Todd Dupree, William Berger, Paul Cibrano, Eric Jackson - Background Vocals