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    Smokin' On Bali Shag

    Kagero - Gumbo Du Jour

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    Kagero - Gumbo Du Jour

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    My Freedom

    Kagero - Gumbo Du Jour

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    It's A Perfect Day To Laugh

    Kagero - Gumbo Du Jour


I play with these guys pretty regularly and it's always a good time. Oddly enough the first time I ever saw them perform was at a Henry Darger exhibit at the Museum Of American Folk Art in Manhattan, and honestly every gig I've ever played with them has been equally bizarre. I've been taken to strange islands I had never heard of to play (and been hit on by married couples), I've played lakeside Peruvian weddings with Alpacas running around, I've played in torrential downpours with people dancing with umbrellas. Sometimes belly dancers show up. 

The recording was pretty standard. I had played all the songs with them so many times we just kind of laid it down pretty quickly. They have the tendency to overload the songs with massive overdubs and bells and whistles (which I like) that in this day and age of shrinking recording budgets and people trying to squeeze out a record through their laptops/garage band is refreshing. 

Released February 2, 2013
Format: CD
Label: Kimono Spy

Kaz Fujimoto - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Kazoo
JW - Fiddle
Rob Simpson - Electric & Upright Bass, Vocals
Jeff Gretz - Drums, Percussion
Kate Dunphy - Accordian
Yoed Nir - Cello
Ritchie Marrero - Percussion
Max A. Midroit - Piano
RJ Avallone - Trumpet
Barami Waspe - Tenor Sax
Bryan Benninghove - Tenor Sax
Matt Maley - Baritone Sax
Vera Sousa - Backing Vocals
Sarah Donner - Backing Vocals
Rod Cone - Backing Vocals

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