Kid Millions - 100 Disciplines

Kid Millions - 100 Disciplines

Release Date: August 16, 2016

Label: Thrill Jockey

Formats: Mp3 and Limited Edition Cassette

I had previously performed with John Colpitt's (aka Kid Millions) Man Forever project at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn. Man Forever is John's totally "non-drum solo'y" percussion project. A lot of it is exploring extended rolls on very very specifically tuned drums for very very long periods of time. On the prior mentioned performance I was assigned a kick drum, with a double pedal and was instructed to play a non-interrputed roll for about 20 minutes without stopping. I could pick my tempo, but I couldn't deviate from where I started. It was one of the most brutal performances I have ever been a part of.

This one was equally brutal for totally different ways. On this one, I was one of 5 timpanists. Not nearly as much rolling, but a mentally exhasuting (although absolutely fulfilling piece) to perform on. This was commissioned by the Red Bull Music Acadmy and staged in a large atrium/gallery in the Brooklyn Museum. Thrill Jockey released a limited run of 100 cassette tapes and it is available digitally. This piece has it all: Free jazz drum set freakouts, timpani/gong drones, organs, a choir. Fun stuff. 


Amy Garapic - Bass Drum
Jess Tsang - Chimes, Gong, Pitched Pipes
Yumi Tamashiro - Crotales, Almglocken
Brian Chase - Drums
Wayne Smith Jr - Drums
Emily Manzo - Electric Piano, Organ
Bill Solomon - Gong, Temple Bells
Organ, Guitar, Conductor - Matt Evans
Carson Moody - Snare, Cymbal
Max Almario - Tam-Tam, Cymbal, Contact Mics 
Austin Vaughn - Timpani
Booker Stardrum - Timpani
Clara Warnaar - Timpani
Jeff Gretz - Timpani
Max Jaffe - Timpani
Kid Millions - Toms
Miguel Guttierz - Vocals
Nick Hallett - Vocals
Steven Reker - Vocals
Georgia Hubley - Vocals, Tam-Tam, Cymbal, Contact Mics