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    Nightfalls On The General Assembly

    Leverage Models - Leverage Models

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    Stay Close

    Leverage Models - Leverage Models

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    Chance To Go

    Leverage Models - Leverage Models


While there have been several Leverage Models releases, this is the first official "ALBUM". And when I say album I mean it, the vinyl edition of this thing is gorgeous.  I think the material on this spans 3 different recording sessions spread over 3 years, and as always, I often don't know what it is I'm playing to or for and Shannon always finds a way to make it catchy as hell.

Release: October 1, 2013
Format: Digital/CD/Vinyl
Label: Hometapes

Line up:

Shannon Fields - Composer, Sequencing, Vocals, Mad Genius Jesse Blum - piano
Christian Fields - Bass
Anthony LaMarca - Percussion, Simmons
Jeff Gretz - Drums, Percussion
David Scanlon - Electric Guitar
Rob Lundberg - Bass
Max Jaffe - Drums
Jon Natchez - Alto and Tenor Saxophones
Kevin Thaxton - Bass
Laura Ortman - Violin
Jim Altieri - Violin, Viola
Jason Trammel - Percussion
Trevor Dunn - Bass
Kelly Pratt - Trumpet
Sharon Van Etten - Vocals
Nick Jenkins - Backing Vocals