From Autumn To Ashes - Live at Looney Tunes

From Autumn To Ashes - Live at Looney Tunes

We wanted to do a benefit show for Looney Tunes Records in Long Island as they had recently suffered a fire and anything you can do to help an independent record store was good in our book. Looney Tunes wanted to do a CD to not only help the store but as a thank you to the fans that came to support. The thought of recording a live album in an atmosphere that really isn't even suited to playing a SHOW was a big turn-off, but the thought of helping a Long Island and indie record store institution was too much to pass up. Needless to say, you couldn't move on stage, I had guitar amps right in my ear, but still couldn't hear a damn thing. The audience was lined back through the cd racks and couldn't really move or probably see much. We had to stop after every couple of songs to allow the guy recording it to reset the hard-drive. Not exactly "rock and roll". When all was said and done we got the tracks and examined them only to find one of the guitars lines had crapped out. Because of this the recording was un-usable but part of the deal with the show was people pre-ordered a CD which they were promised at the performance. We were in Europe when we found all of this out and almost ditched it. Thanks to Brian McTernan and his recording expertise we were able to not only salvage it but to make it sound damn good (for what it is).

While later sitting at home with nursing a broken foot I managed to put together a song sequence and arrange the recordings in a way that made the show flow a little better than it did in real life. Again, it turned out better than it should have.

So, instead of being a limited edition CD only available in NY it turned into a national release. One thing we COULDN'T save was my vocal mic. But, who am I to nitpick... I never really wanted to do any vocals with FATA anyway so... it's all fine by me.

Released June 17, 2008
Format: CD 
Label: Vagrant 

Brian Deneeve - Guitar
Jeff Gretz - Drums
Rob Lauritsen - Guitar
Francis Mark - Vocals
Mike Pilato - Bass

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