This is a limited edition (300 I believe) cassette only compilation put out by Pittsburgh's Hardtravelin' record label. The cassettes were red and came in a hand screened cardboard box with a mini-booklet inside. Conelrad's contribution is a cover of "More Of The Same" by legendary Pittsburgh punk band Half Life. We had initially recorded it during the Bezoar session to be used on a Half Life tribute 7 inch, but we missed a deadline and the track just sat on the shelf collecting dust. So we gave it to the Hardtravelin' guys. The weird vocal sound on the track was achieved by me covering my mouth with the crook of my arm and yelling into it. I wanted to sound like I was being smothered. This track also debuted the use of the "Old Smokey". This is a tiny 9 volt battery powered amplifier that looks like a pack of cigarettes (American Spirits to be exact). From this point on, every time I was in Epigram 154 studios in Pittsburgh, I found a place to use this amp on a recording (it's on some of the Sluts and Slobs stuff and also on the Zao "Black Flag" cover).

eleased June 2005
Format: Cassette
Label: Hardtravelin' 

Appearing on one track, More of the Same, with Conelrad

Also on the compilation:
Allies, Two Sexy Beasts, Vale and Year, Aydin, A Is A, He Taught Me Lies, Sequoia, The Sea, Like Lead, Fuckedupmess, River Is To Train