Jon 7 and Associates - Mangle Me

Jon 7 and Associates - Mangle Me

From the label - "Mangle Me began as a little tune generated from fractal MIDI, and was posted on a few forums to see who would be interested in mangling it. The real intention was to meet new folks and get to know them a little through their production styles. A few people did turn up with their 'mangles', and the results were collated into this release. Maybe there will be more mangles, maybe not, but the project was fun, and served as a small meet-and-greet." 

Released August 2008 
Format: Download
Label: Timetheory 

Appearing on one track as a remixer.

Other remix artists on compilation:
Stirner, Jmmlll, Adam RW, Simple Painter, Twyll, Other Earth Observatory

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