I do not play on this DVD. I acted as a Musical Director and script proofreader. This came out of nowhere. I was asked to bring my knowledge of Punk Rock and Marky's drumming, keep an eye on things to make sure nothing was said under the heat of the camera lights that was inaccurate and at the last minute I was asked to come up with some interview questions. It was a very surreal two days and that is an understatement. I can say this, Marky was completely down to earth, mellow and a work horse. His stamina, work ethic and demeanor overall were absolutely amazing. In addition I learned a lot from him off camera. For instance, the Phil Spector "Gun incident" in which he held the Ramones hostage? Bullshit. How to order a pizza in Brooklyn? Well Done. Marky's highest career moment? Being on the Simpsons.

Released January 2010
Format: DVD
Label: Hot Licks

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