Conelrad - Sluts & Slobs

Conelrad - Sluts & Slobs

In typical Conelrad fashion there was more than a year between the tracking of these songs and the release. These songs were recorded live in one day (with vocals being done as an overdub) and mixed the next day. Literally the next week I got the call to join ZAO and the label that was going to release the 7-inch backed out because we wouldn't be touring in the near future. This is why the record itself says it was released by "VERSION CITY" out of Brooklyn, NY. Eventually our long time friend Ben Smartnick decided to put it out. Somewhere along the line nobody thought to change the label info on the sleeve or the record.

After getting together the next year to do a release show for it Adam and I vowed to keep Conelrad alive and kicking in whatever capacity we were able. The song "Mr. Right" is actually penned not by Adam or I but by the wonderful Steve Moore of the band Zombi, who has been a major player in mine and Adam's musical development. Also included is a cover by the band NOMEANSNO.

The record is titled after the failed 1970's smut mag that featured Ms. Annie Sprinkle in a "vomiting spread". It is often referred to as the biggest failure of a magazine ever to be released. This is kind of how Conelrad felt about our place in the music world.

Released September 30, 2006
Format: 7 inch Vinyl
Label: Oh No Vertigo! 

Adam MacGregor - Guitar/Vocals
Jeff Gretz - Drums/Vocals
Julie Nowak - Additional Vocals

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