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    Woman I'm A Young Man

    The Inns - Terrible People

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    Bless My Soul!

    The Inns - Terrible People

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    Don't Wake and Take Me Over

    The Inns - Terrible People


I met Tyler and Lauren on a singer/songwriter gig in 2010 I believe. All three of us were unceremoniously canned after that gig for reasons never given. Needless to say over the years I've run into them on several instances where we were booked (in various combinations) for various things. They run a promotional company called Phillstock which essentially promotes shows and books for bands around NYC. On one of the shows a band dropped off and they decided to put together a rock band (or as they approached me with it, "a grunge band") to fill the slot. We put together a set of material in about 4 hours and played the show. Since then, I think we've played 4 shows and rehearsed 3 times. The recording was "old school". Basically a couple of mics set up in a rehearsal room running into Garage Band and a bunch of pizzas and two liters of Pepsi sitting everywhere. I really DID feel like it was 1992 all over again and was recording in my parents basement with a rented 4-track. 

Released May 25, 2012 
Format: Digital
Label: Phillstock 

Tyler Matthew Phillips - Bass/Vocals
Lauren Stockner - Guitar/Vocals
Jeff Gretz - Drums

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