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    Get Outt!

    The Inns - The Inns Get Outt

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    16 Drugs

    The Inns - The Inns Get Outt

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    Do The Frankenstein

    The Inns - The Inns Get Outt


The Inns. What can I say about the Inns? We play very rarely. We rehearse even less. We record with a couple of microphones thrown up in the room into a laptop and spend more on Pizza and Beverages for the session than we do on the actual recording. Most of this album was learned prior to each take. It's dumb fun rock. Nothing wrong with that. Is there?

Release: June 22, 2013
Format: Digital Download
Label: Phillstock Records

Line up:
Tyler Phillips: Bass/Vocals
Lauren Stockner: Guitar/Vocals
Jeff Gretz: Drums!

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