The Knells - II

The Knells - II

Release date: November 10, 2017

Label: Still Sound 

Formats: Cd, Vinyl, Mp3

I was a fan of Andrew McKenna Lee's first album (the self-titled Knells) when I was asked by my friends Paul Orbell and Joseph Higgins to fill in for a show they had coming up that their current drummer couldn't. The show fell apart but when there was a need for someone to fill in on the drum stool, I got the call. Really ethereal, slighly progged out. I got to work with Andrew in terms of developing the drum parts and the vibes of the songs from early in his writing process. It was a lot of fun, what I THOUGHT were demos to help him flesh out the orchestrations ended up being the final drum tracks on the album. Really proud of this one. 

Line up:

Nina Berman, soprano 
Charlotte Mundy, mezzo-soprano 
Blythe Gaissert, contralto 
Paul Orbell, guitar 
Andrew McKenna Lee, guitar 
Jude Traxler, percussion, Rhodes, electronics 
Jeff Gretz, drums 
Joseph Higgins, bass