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    Private Income- The Front Room

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    I On U

    Private Income- The Front Room

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    Private Income- The Front Room


I used to share a rehearsal space in Brooklyn with this band and played with them for a bit- at the time they were called Zero Spanish - just long enough to end up playing on this CD which was recorded total guerilla style in our rehearsal space. I wasn't even sure if we were going to use the recordings or not, and the drum tracks were done pretty much in an afternoon. All of that isn't important, what is important is that this is a strange little band, Fender Rhodes and Organ out the wazoo, slightly off-kilter and a little dark. I don't understand what the hell Kelly Rae is singing about, and the songs are all the better for it. Kelly is a big Who fan, and as a result expects a lot of drums, all the time. Sometimes I felt I was going over the top with fills, she told me, "there is no top." That's fine with me.

Released December 11, 2009
Format: CD 
Label: Rae Rae Records

Kelly Rae Kerwin - Fender Rhodes/Organ/Vocals 
Deron Pulley - Bass 
Jeff Gretz - Drums