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    Emanuel and the Fear - The Janus Mirror

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    Foothills of a Fire

    Emanuel and the Fear - The Janus Mirror

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    My Oh My

    Emanuel and the Fear - The Janus Mirror


The fourth Emanuel and the Fear release. I co-produced this with bandmates Emanuel Ayvas and Nic Cowles. Basic tracks were recorded at Seaside Lounge in Brooklyn and overdubs/mixing was handled at Brendan Tobin's (Red Sparrows/Made Out Of Babies/Bad Powers) studio in Park Slope. Rhythm tracks were recorded live. Strings were recorded live. Vocal parts/harmonies were done live. It still ate up a good 2.5 months of my life. Very proud. The game we're playing is seeing how various media outlets censor the album cover. People get SOOOOO weird about nipples.

Released September 14, 2012
Format: CD 
Label: Haldern Pop/Rough Trade/Eat Fear Records 

Emanuel Ayvas - Guitar/Piano/Synth/Vocals 
Nic Cowles - Flute/Alto Flute/Synth 
Gil Goldin - Bass 
Jeff Gretz - Drums 
Liz Hanley - Violin/Vocals  
Brian Sanders - Cello 
Carolin Pook - Violin
Dallin Applebaum - Additional vocals

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