Zao's manager Ryan J. Downey decided to help the band explain it's chaotic existence by compiling live footage and putting together a feature length documentary. When I joined the band they were in the process of finishing it up and decided to film a show on my first tour with the band. Something happened with the audio and they had to used the overdriven sound from the cameras on stage. So basically we have a pro-shot footage/bootleg audio version of a Zao show. Fortunatley for the fans there is a treasure trove of other live footage (including a whole other set from prior to my joining) and the TWO AND A HALF HOUR documentary (which I make one or two brief appearances in). For Zao die-hards.

Released November 15, 2005
Format: DVD
Label: Ferret Records 

Dan Weyandt - Vocals
Scott Mellinger - Guitar, vocals
Russ Cogdell - Guitar
Martin Lunn - Bass
Jeff Gretz - Drums

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