We somehow managed to win 3 hours in a recording studio in Brooklyn, while our entire album had been tracked at that point we tried to figure out a way to utilize this gift from the heavens. Our trumpet player/theramin guru Chris Coletti had worked up an arrangement of the Deerhoof song "The Perfect Me" that we had played out once or twice, so we decided to lay it down. It was quite eye opening that we were able to get 11 people in the studio and track a song from top to bottom in three hours. Made us almost realize that we were dumb for doing the full length the way we had been (don't ask). Free download. Free. Not a cent. Enjoy.

Released December 14, 2009
Format: Digital Single
Label: Rcdrdlbl

Chris Coletti - Trumpet, Theramin
Matt McDonald - Trombone
Brian Sanders - Cello
Tom Swafford - Violin
Liz Hanley - Violin, Vocals
Brittany Anjou - Synth, Vocals
Colin Dean - Bass
Jeff Gretz - Drums
Jeff Fowler - Guitar 
Emanuel Ayvas - Accordian, Vocals

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