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    Millvale Industrial Theater 9-16-2001

    Torus - Pittsburgh Aktions 2001-2007

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    Platters 10-7-2002

    Torus - Pittsburgh Aktions 2001-2007


from the artist's website "Torus became an actively performing project of Adam MacGregor (ex-Creation is Crucifixion, Fate of Icarus, Conelrad, Microwaves, Brown Angel) in Fall, 2001, following years of fumbling for - and occasionally hitting - the mark with electronics- and tape-based experimental home recordings. These recordings document early live performances, some in collaboration with occasional member Jeff Gretz (Conelrad, Zao, Emmanuel and the Fear, Leverage Models)."

Released October 24 2011
Format - Digital
Label: Lost Tundra Recordings

Adam MacGregor: electronics, effects
Jeff Gretz: electronics, Realistic MG-1, effected percussion

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