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    Shiny Chromaly Human Skeleton

    Conelrad/Steve Moore - The Torus Shock Trio Sessions

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    Obeah Man Vs. Dolemite

    Conelrad/Steve Moore - The Torus Shock Trio Sessions


Conelrad's "A Final Dissolution" took SO long to get finished that we just blew off steam one night with Steve Moore. We took a case of beer to our rehearsal space, hung a couple of mics from the ceiling into the four track and let about 40 minutes of "free-violence" take place. Everything you hear is everything that happened that night, in the order that it happened with nothing edited out. We did another one about a month later (which hasn't been released yet) and a radio broadcast which added an analog synth and a Danzig cover to the mix. All of the CD covers were hand screened by Pittsburgh poster artist Mike Budai and were assembled by yours truly and hand numbered.

Released September 30, 2004 
Format: Limited Edition CD
Label: Lost Tundra

Jeff Gretz - Drums
Adam MacGregor - Guitar
Steve Moore - Alto Sax

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