Various Artists - Unicorn Mountain Volume 1

Various Artists - Unicorn Mountain Volume 1

This is a perfect example of what I miss about Pittsburgh. There is a very real sense of community in the music and art scenes and this compilation/book is the perfect example of that. The general idea was to get a bunch of bands to record a track (all recorded by the same person, for free) in one of the local art galleries (which donated it's space for the cause) and a bunch of artists and writers to make a companion book. The thing is beautiful and I'm glad we got to be a part of it. Much like most of Conelrad's compilation appearances, this (entitled Taepodong II) is one of my favorite songs that we did. It's about nuclear armageddon at the hands of North Korea (and in case you are wondering... we're for it).

Released June 2005
Format: Book/CD
Label: Unicorn Mountain 

Appearing on one track with, Taepodong II, with Conelrad.

Also on the compilation:
Adams And The Blackout, Boombox, Fangs Of The Panda, Ice Capades
Microwaves, Midnite Snake, Pay Toilets, The Silver Thread, Two Sexy Beasts, Young Men's Department

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