Various Artists - Running Up That Hill

Various Artists - Running Up That Hill

Release Date: February 4, 2014 
Label: Bush League
Format: Mp3

Appearing on one track a Kate Bush cover of "The Morning Fog" with Leverage Models.

 from the organizers of the compilation:
 "This compilation of Kate Bush covers is a fundraising tool for reproductive rights organizations, low cost abortion clinics, and other pro-choice advocates. 


1. Bush League organizes the compilation and makes the postcards that contain download codes. 

2. Obsolete Media Objects (C.J.'s label) pays for the postcards and the publishing rights for the songs. 

3. Bush League GIVES postcards to reproductive rights organizations (listed below), free of charge. Buying the album from them directly ensures that 100% of your money goes to that organization. 

4. Online sales through this website will be used to cover printing and publishing costs. Any surplus will be donated to The National Network of Abortion Funds."

Line up:  

Jeff Gretz - Percussion/Drums
Rob Lundberg - Bass
David Scanlon - Guitar
Anthony Lamarca - Percussion/Drums/Simmons
Max Jaffe - Percussion/Drums
Alena Spangler - Vocals
Shannon Fields - Everything else