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    Looks Like I Made It

    Epigene - A Wall Street Odyssey

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    Stranger In A Strange Land

    Epigene - A Wall Street Odyssey

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    Losing Everything

    Epigene - A Wall Street Odyssey

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    I'm Gonna Save The World

    Epigene - A Wall Street Odyssey


Like myself, Sean Bigler has a soft spot for mid-70's Todd Rundgren, XTC, The Kinks and Alain Goraguer's soundtrack for La Planète Sauvage. So getting a chance to help him make a 2-disc set about the trials of a wall street banker that loses everything in the market collapse and heading off to a hippy commune to find himself (and the whole thing being packaged in a hardcover illustrated book) was too much to pass up. Massive props to musicians that still have the nerve to go through with massive projects like this. 

Released April 2011
Format: 2 CD set in bound hardcover illustrated book

Sean Bigler- Pretty much everything
Bonnie Lykes - Lead and harmony vocals, vocoder, keyboards
Jeff Gretz - Drums
Chris Coletti - Trumpet
David Nelson - Trombone
Jeff Nichols - Sax
Heather Partis - Vocoder 
Armand Partis - Spoken word

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