This was a compilation that was put out as a benefit for the Multi-Tool project which was a bike workshop in Pittsburgh. The idea was that people would donate bikes and bike parts, and then you could go down and use their tools/parts to fix up your bike, or you could build a bike a donate it to the project, which they would then sell at a super cheap price that all proceeds went back into the project. My favorite Conelrad song hands down. The best Conelrad songs always ended up on comps and on the 7 inches that nobody buys. Oh well.

Release Date: 2004
Format: CD/Zine
Record Label: Hope/Hardtravelin

Appearing on one track, Mania A Potu, with Conelrad

Also on the compilation:
Pay Toilets, Suburban Death Machine, Intense Youth!, Marichal, Zombi, Lorelei, He Taught Me Lies, Counter Action, Aphasia, Corpus Christie, Better Off Dead, Farewell Euclid, Stilyagi, Neotrope, Totally Awesome Dudes, All The Quiet, Human Brains, Forward Motion, Krooked Grind, The Accident, Adams and the Blackout, Cnvrsns, The Copyrights