The O-Zone Percussion Group - Whiplash

The O-Zone Percussion Group - Whiplash
  1. 0:00Concerto For Percussion (Bruce Yurko) pt.1

  2. 0:00Concerto For Percussion (Bruce Yurko) pt. 2

Wow. I had no idea this existed until almost 7 years after the fact. This is a "re-issue" of a CD by the O-Zone percussion group -- which was the name of the percussion ensemble at the college I went to-- that was led by Gary Olmstead. This particular re-issue contains a track that I perform on, Bruce Yurko's "Concerto for Percussion and Wind Ensemble" that Mr. Yurko basically wrote for our percussion section. I can be heard leading the charge in the "demented clock" section of the piece. I'm actualy playing a really rare 4 octave Vibraphone on the piece. So rare in fact that the Boston Pops used to rent it from our school.

Released 2001 
Format: CD 
Label: Klavier

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