Zao - Pyrrhic Victory

Zao - Pyrrhic Victory
  1. Clawing, Clawing, Never Cutting Through


  2. The Host Has Bared Its Teeth


Release Date - November 3, 2017

Label - Observed/Observer Recordings

Format - Vinyl, CD, Mp3

We recorded these songs in the same sessions that produced our album The Well-Intentioned Virus and the Xenophobe/Fear Itself 7 inch. Not really B-sides, they were pulled aside from the start as sort of slightly sylistically seperate from what we wanted the album to do. The one exception would be the first song "Drifting Shadows In Walking Dreams" which had previously been released as a limited-edition Flexi Disc with Decibel magazine.

The vinyl variants for this were 400 on Clear/Black Smoke vinyl. 600 on Transparent Red vinyl and 1000 on 150 Gram Virgin Black vinyl.

My third attempt at doing a relatively large scale "self-release" for Zao. I guess it went okay, 5-song EPs are a tough sell all around. Personally, I like the EP format, but you can't get press for them, they retail for less and cost about the same to produce and everyone assumes it is a placeholder for the next album. What are you going to do?

Line up:

Dan Weyandt - Vocals
Scott Mellinger - Guitar
Jeff Gretz - Drums
Russ Cogdell - Guitar
Martin Lunn - Bass