Zao - The Well-Intentioned Virus

Zao - The Well-Intentioned Virus

Release Date: December 9, 2016

Label: Observed/Observer Recordings

Format: Vinyl, CD, Cassette, Mp3

Our first full-scale release as a truly independent band. When I say independent, I mean we funded all of the recording, organized the pressing or the vinyl, the printing of the covers etc. We were our own manager, publicist and even took a hands on approach to the distribution and publishing. Full on. We managed to get an NPR "First Listen" premiere stream of the album, pretty heavy SIRIUS XM airplay. Charted on Billboard. I feel like I still don't know what I am doing. But... after years of feeling like we were getting a raw deal with labels, it is liberating to be running the show ourselves. The Observed/Observer Recordings office is my dining room table. 

We did a limited edition of 150 cassettes for this run. Also, there were 1000 copies on white vinyl and a more open ended/plentiful on standard black vinyl. 

Line up

Dan Weyandt - Vocals
Scott Mellinger - Guitar
Jeff Gretz - Drums
Russ Cogdell - Guitar
Martin Lunn - Bass