Zao - Xenophobe/Fear Itself

Zao - Xenophobe/Fear Itself

Release Date: July 10, 2015 (2nd pressing released August 2017)

Label: Observed/Observer Recordings

Format: 7 inch and Mp3

Zao's first new material in 6 years. We did this as a way to a) test the waters on the fan response and b) raise funds to complete the other 15 songs we had recorded as part of our recording/writing comeback. The initial run of 600 7 inches were done on transparent vinyl with hand made covers pressed by Stumptown Printers in Oregon and assembled and hand numbered by yours truly. They sold out in about 24 hours and we were off to the races. We later did another run of 1000 on black vinyl with a less involved cover because we were sick of people flipping the originals on ebay for 150 bucks. 

Line up

Dan Weyandt - Vocals
Scott Mellinger - Guitar
Jeff Gretz - Drums
Russ Cogdell - Guitar
Martin Lunn - Bass