Zao/Yashira - Split 7 inch

Zao/Yashira - Split 7 inch

Release Date: September 21, 2018

Label: Mind Over Matter Records

Formats: 7 Inch Vinyl/Digital

A brand new Zao song, Hide From The Light, on one side and the track Led To Ache by Florida band (and Good Fight Records artists) Yashira. First song from a new batch of Zao recordings that will be making their way into the world over the next few years. We did this in partnership with Mind Over Matter Records out of Chicago. This had 5 vinyl variants that had a matching cover to mirror the record color. A vinyl variant collector's nightmare

Jeff Gretz - Drums
Martin Lunn - Bass
Scott Mellinger - Guitar/Vocals
Russ Cogdell - Guitar
Dan Weyandt - Vocals